Not sure how this works. But I´m some random citizen whose favorite color is yellow. My OTP is Kannao (Kanji and Naoto from Persona 4). My fav ice cream flavor is Pistachio. I don´t have a cat, I have two turtles. They make great pets once you cover all their necessities. I followed you because of The Trophy Wife. Anyone who writes good smut shall be my friend.

I’m glad you like the smut. I rather enjoyed writing it. :3

Being enchiladas is suffering.


if finland’s country border isnt called the finnish line then i have nothing to live for



I'm the P to the A to the N-D-O-R-A my favorite ships are unhealthy abusive trash my favorite colors are blood red and sky blue and I like moose tracks and Neapolitan ice-cream so i can eat bits of all the flavors in different combos and I don't have a cat

I think there’s a lie in there somewhere.

(You’re right, you don’t have a cat, you have swag in black fur.)

Hello, I'm Blu! // My fav color is Blue! // I don't have a ship i HAVE AN ARMADA // My fav ice cream flavor is vanilla! // And I have two adorable kitties and a dorky little doggy!


Hi Blu!! ♥♥♥

I am the Terror that Flaps in the Night. My favorite color is blue. My favorite ship is the Lady Washington. My favorite ice cream flavor is Man Tears. My cat is going to take over the world. Thank.


I think you and I should be frands

You and me together 5eva.

Who are you: I am the Overlord Pais // Whats your favorite color: Crimson like the blood of my enemies // Favorite ship: me&world domination // Favorite ice cream flavor: cookies and cream // Do you have a cat: they are my minions


Hi, I'm Artemis Day! I started following you a while back when you were writing The Trophy Wife. My favorite color is red. My OTPs are Loki/Jane Foster (MCU), Tamaki/Haruhi (OHSHC), and Tony/Pepper (MCU). My favorite flavor of ice cream is chocolate. I do not have a cat or any other pet (and I'm more of a dog person anyway). Nice talking to you! :D

Hi ArtemisDay!! All hail the chocolate ice cream!